Shark @ the Moon 2020 Tournament Rules

July 10th - July 12th

It is the responsibility of every participating angler to know, understand and abide by these tournament rules during this competition. Any participant who deliberately violates these rules will immediately be disqualified. Disqualification results in total forfeit of any and all prizes. Only registered competitors are eligible for any potential qualifying prizes. The safety of all anglers and their teammates is their responsibility and should be the first consideration in all aspects of this competition. Any intentional cheating, harassing of other anglers or any other conduct determined by the tournament staff to be outside the spirit of good sportsmanship will not be tolerated and is grounds for immediate disqualification and permanent ejection from the tournament. All dates and times stated will be based upon the Central Standard Time zone.

Summary of Rules for 2020


-You must not have lines in the water between 12pm and 5:59pm on July 10th.

-All catches must be caught on rod and reel.

-All TPWD, State and Local laws and regulations apply

-Land based only: Fishing rod and reel must remain on the land when fishing

-Boundaries – Sabine Pass to Matagorda. No state or Federal parks. I.e Galveston State Park, Padre Island National Seashore is off limits

-Chumming Allowed

-All catches must be successfully caught and released.

-Participants may ONLY get help landing and releasing their shark, angler must fight his/her own shark.

-Assisting taking the rod off the tower/deck/platform to ground is allowed without cranking the reel.

-Only anglers registered in the shark division are allowed to deploy their own bait or other anglers in the shark division's baits.

-Jet skis, zodiacs, RC boats and drones will be allowed.

-Fishing will only be allowed from the beach. No piers, jetties or bays.

-Catch, tag (if possible), measure, PHOTO and RELEASE.

-Date and Time on the Camera must be set correctly. Please remove any existing photos prior to the event.

-Cell Phone photos will be accepted provided we can see the date and time. Digital camera, GoPro, action camera, etc with date and time are also acceptable.

-Photo must include the angler, the secret item and a clear measurement of the entire shark from tip to tail.

-Tournament participants can only place once in any given division.

-Any participants who are disqualified forfeit their entry fee. The entire entry fee will be donated to the beneficiary of the tournament.

Take multiple photos to aid in the verification process. You the angler must assure to have the correct photos and tools for us to download your pictures.


For more Tournament Info Contact: NICK FULLER 832-764-9128

Award Ceremony Location: TBD

Judging will begin at 6 pm sharp


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